A blueprint for a simpler blog


A selection of featured articles

The child and the dog

A short story about two travelers, a child and a dog.

How to seed a postgres database with node

Create a script to seed a postgres database using fake data

How to create a GraphQL API with Prisma and Nexus

A short tutorial that introduces you (and me) to creating a GraphQL api using modern tooling

Atomic design and Storybook

Initial thought on Atomic design and Storybook


A selection of helpful snippets

Everyday GIT commands

Handy everyday git commands

Postgres Snippets

Some handy snippets I find myself googling

Flattern nested array

Some helpful ways to flatten arrays in JavaScript

Code block diffs

Add a diff to your code blocks to show a user the changes

Setup JSX support in emmet

Add JSX support to emmet for auto complete

Unique values from array

Use the set object to remove duplicates from an array

State management with context

A simple alternative to redux as global state management

Sticky footer with flexbox

One way to create a sticky footer with flexbox

Date object snippet

Some handy little code snippets for the JavaScript Date object